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    COVID-19 Cancellation

    Due to the COVID 19 restrictions we had to postpone the season.  At this point it would be possible to potentially operate sort of normal after January 10th. However, as we have seen, the powers that be can change their minds. 

    1.  We do not really trust that we can get anything at the slopes until January 23rd and 24th. That does not leave us much of a season. 

    2.  We are not confident that we can actually affect any new learning with the few remaining weeks of good conditions.  

    3.  This would also mean that we would be starting the season at a time when we are historically at the coldest weeks of the year here in Minnesota. 

    4.  We need to be absolutely confident that we can get everyone warmed up when they need and not with some staggered time arrangement.

    5.  If even one instructor or student tests positive for COVID 19, we might be faced with a quarantine for everyone involved.  I just do not feel it is worth the risk to the kids or to your careers as working parents. 

         It is for all of these reasons that we feel it is in everyone's best interest to cancel the 2020-2021 season for us.  It is the first time in 75 years that this has happened.  I will be refunding everyone in full.  It is a slightly tedious process through the website, so please be patient.


    Ralph Weichselbaum

    Otto Hollaus Snowsports Academy

    Phone: 612-201-9309

    The OTTO HOLLAUS SNOWSPORTS ACADEMY is the Twin Cities' oldest snow sports school.  Since 1946 we have established a tradition of excellence in creating life-long skiers and riders by  providing a safe and fun learning environment.

    Our full-day, consecutive-week lesson format builds a strong learning partnership between the student and coach.

    As a traveling school, our students enjoy the variety offered by ski/snowboard areas within a 60-mile radius of the Twin Cities.

    Our youth programs are offered with or without transportation. You have the choice of using one of our convenient bus pick-up locations or spending some drive-time with your child.